A Portfolio that says it all.  
  Futa International Pty Ltd  
Futa A partly owned subsidiary of the ACB Group, whose primary activity is to import raw materials for ACB's production requirements and to assist customers with their raw material needs.

Futa International has now established a major base for importing and distributing a wide variety of products to the Australian marketFuta International is also the sole distributor for Capelle Pigments, a Belgian Pigment producer with approvals to the major car and paints producers worldwide.
  PowerPlus Fuels
PowerPlus Fuels PowerPlus Fuels has developed a succession of high performance fuels that have been proven under International race conditions for the Australian market.

The commercialisation of these fuels - via PowerPlus 98+ has been driven by independent service stations needing a product to compete with the premium 98 octane fuels currently only available from the big 3 petroleum producers.PowerPlus 98+ is a premium grade 98 octane fuel that gives motorists the opportunity to purchase proven race technology fuel from independent service stations. PowerPlus 98+ is now readily available.
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