Concept to completion - a focused approach to service.
ACB Group offers clients the full benefit of our manufacturing and blending processes, meaning that your company can leave your needs in the hands of a team of industry specialists with absolute integrity, confidentiality and professionalism assured.
Our purpose built laboratory, blending and storage facilities mean we can safely and professionally develop, blend, mix and store your product, in a custom built industrial environment.
ACB Group provides blending, formulating, processing and packaging for:
hot/cold liquid blends
hazardous and Dangerous Goods powder blends
liquid and powder blending
high temperature blending
reaction blends
Our warehousing and distribution facilities augment our storage capacity with 24 hour turnaround and delivery for products in stock.
Our plant capabilities include:  
a range of bulk storage and blending tanks and pallets
automated load cell filling for containers up to 2000kgs
volumetric filling for containers 125 mls - 2000 ltrs
metered filling of bulk tankers and containers
pallets and storage in modern, regulation compliant warehouse facilities
ACB Group's systems can monitor, track and anticipate customer patterns, trends and requirements - so that we coordinate our production schedules accordingly.  

Fundamental to all of these cohesive elements is our constant and direct interface with you, the customer.

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